Tune Up

Q-TEQ Makes Computers Faster and Safer

You change your car’s oil, right? Well, your computer needs the same attention or it starts slowing down. The worst thing is: You don’t even notice it because it happens so slow. Over time your computer becomes overrun with internet viruses and spyware, bogged down with unused programs and unnecessary system applications, and clogged with dust on internal hardware. Q-TEQ can get your computer running better-than-new by ridding your computer of these fatal problems.

Stop wasting time with a slow computer. In just one day we will have your machine tuned-up and running at full steam ahead. Plus, we can recommend some new programs to boost your performance even more. Just call us at 477-1234 and ask how our tune-up service can help you today.

  • Install Updates
  • Remove Viruses and Spyware
  • Run complete diagnostics
  • Dust the fans and hardware
  • Remove unwanted programs and launch items
  • Run stress tests to uncover hardware problems
  • Optimize performance and defrag hard drives
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