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5 Laptop Problems We Can Fix Fast!

Suffer no more! If you experience any of these problems—bring your laptop in and we will put it back in shape fast. Q-TEQ Laptop Express Center repairs laptops in 3-5 business days right here in Lincoln. Your laptop stays at The Laptop Express service center and yes, you can talk to the Teq who services your laptop. Plus–our rates are often 25% less than the competition that can take a month or more to get your machine back.

End laptop hassles. Your laptop is your lifeline to the world–there is no reason to let it slow you down when we can easily get it back in shape–for less than you expect. Yes–we fix all makes and models. Toshiba, Dell, HP, ThinkPad, Sony Vaio, Gateway, Acer. Notebooks? Yes, we fix them. Tablet Computers? Bring it in.

Q-TEQ Laptop Express also offers Data Backup and Data Recovery services. The value of data on your laptop is often worth more than the laptop itself. Please remember to ask about our Data Recovery service when you bring in your machine in for repair or stop in for your Friday Free session. We can customize a data storage solution for you, based on your individual or company need.

1. Power adapter won’t work or DC jack is damaged
2. Keyboard locks up or sticks
3. Battery won’t hold a charge more than a few minutes
4. Screen flickers or won’t come on
5. Laptop running hot

Q-TEQ’s Laptop Express is ideal for the following users:

Plus–you don’t have to wait until your machine is in trouble to schedule a quick check-up. Q-TEQ’s Laptop Express Center can give your laptop or notebook a thorough exam to head off trouble before it begins. Especially if you are just starting to experience some of those “little inconveniences” like a laptop that runs hot or has a few sticky keys. Now is the time to drop off your notebook at either of our Lincoln locations for an evaluation. Plus, if you are running without data backup, we can discuss and then implement the idea solution for you before you lose your data. Routine service can extend the life of your laptop by years.

Taking your show on the road soon? You know the absolute disaster running out of power or having your wi-fi connection cut out in the middle of a pitch can be. A pinch of preventative maintenance now can save you from huge problems when you are a thousand miles from Lincoln.

Let’s face it–you probably have spyware and adware sitting on your laptop Right Now! These nasty infectious programs sneak even past the most diligent of us. Let us clean your machine out now, before the trouble starts.

  • Small business users in Lincoln
  • College students and teachers
  • High school students and teachers
  • Churches and associaltions throughout Nebraska
  • Retirees and grandparents
  • Anybody who depends on their laptop or notebook computer

Free Support Friday

Friday Free Support is here. Every Friday from 2-4 Q-TEQ Laptop Express Center is open for Free Support. Just phone 466-1455 to schedule your Free Appointment ahead of time. Bring in your machine for a 15 minute free evaluation. No charge and no obligation. But you do have to schedule, so please call early in the week.


Need help right now with a computer or printer or Mac problem? We’ll help. Just phone us at 477-1234. No computer lingo, no hoops to jump through. We are here in Lincoln and speak the language of everyday business.
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