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Local Area Network (LAN) Setup Made Easy in Lincoln

It’s a Small Business Fact: Your Computer Network extends from your webpage to your phone system to your ability to access your emails at midnight or when you are on vacation. Your network is more than the wiring of a LAN system within your building. Your computer network is an extension of you to your customers.

See, a robust network can make the difference between your employees and customers interacting effectively and you losing business to your competition through missed deadlines poor communication. But a successful network is more than hooking up ethernet cards and networking routers. At Q-TEQ, our entire business revolves around making your tech-environment as friendly to human interaction as possible. We understand that you absolutely need to be able to communicate.

From a Two-seat network to a 200 seat network, Q-TEQ is your partner for successful network construction and set-up everywhere in Nebraska and the Midwest

Here at Q-TEQ we ask questions like these before we ever create your network:

  • How do you support your customers?
  • How can your computer networking leverage a competitive advantage over your competition?
  • Your network should encompass the earth–it can, if you include the internet.
  • How do you integrate your website into your network?
  • Mobile communications are changing rapidly. Does your existing local area network (lan) allow for the various forms of communication with your customers via IM or SMS text messages?
  • Do your customers want the ability to upload pictures easily to be able to communicate with you?
  • Do you need a database to be able to communicate with your customers?

Our Process

  • Phone or on-site interview. We will sit down with you for a quick evaluation. This can take as little as 10 minutes or as long as an hour. No need to rush during this critical phase, this is where we will find the essence of what your business is trying to accomplish with its computer network
  • Proposal phase. We will come back to you with a proposal. We present this to you, and then together we examine the various components, determining which ones are critical and which elements need changed.
  • Revisions and Final approval Benchmark agreement is critical during this phase. Also, any needed training is important to discuss here.
  • Network implementation.
  • Evaluation. This is critical for both parties. We work with you to ensure that your network continues to meet your small business needs.
At Q-TEQ, we want to be able to help you succeed by out-thinking the competition. It’s not just who can wire your building cheaper, but who will actually help you be a business partner to help you make the best decisions that will affect you one, three or even five years down the road.

Many people talk about the hardware they use as if it were the centerpiece of their network. Yes, we use routers and hubs and switches and hardware from a variety of major, trusted manufacturers. Our TEQs can list the benefits of each piece of equipment we’ll use in your small business. But we have no pre-set configurations in place for building a local area computer network simply because our experience shows that every business is unique.

Two distinct companies may have 50 employees and yet require completely different hardware and software and server needs. A company with a laptop-enabled mobile sales force scattered across the USA and Europe has different computer needs than a local tire repair shop that has offices in six Nebraska counties. Yet each needs to support employees to quickly serve clients.

At the end of the day, that’s what we do.

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