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Data Recovery and Disaster Protection in Lincoln

Small business owners rely on their computers to keep going around the clock. But unlike simple tools like a hammer or a delivery van your computers store hundreds of hours of work worth thousands of dollars. You simply can’t afford to lose that vital information stored inside your PCs and laptops.

But if your small business is just getting by without a disaster recovery or data protection plan, you risk losing the assets inside those machines forever. It’s like having your money in a safe deposit box and then trusting a key to a total stranger. Maybe you’ll see your money again, maybe not.

Yes, sometimes after a crash our Teqs can in fact retrieve data. If you’ve just suffered a crash and are trying to recover data from the hard drive, immediately give us a call at any of our Lincoln locations. We will quickly evaluate the extent of the problem while over the phone. Then we can either come out and pickup your machine or possibly service it on site. We will thoroughly examine the problem and determine the best course of action.

Many times your data will be accessible to our Teqs. But sadly data recovery is not always possible. Sometimes the data is lost, and unless you have remote data backup or storage you will need to piecemeal all that data back together. Often it simply can’t be done.

That’s the urgent need for a data backup plan now. Without a data disaster recovery plan in place, you are rolling the dice to see if your data will be there when your computers break down. See a plan is more than insurance, a plan is like putting your data in a vault. Insurance just covers you from loss, but a data backup plan can restore most or nearly all of your data.

One call to 402-477-1234 and we can map out the right plan for your small business.

We offer several different back-up levels. Some clients need all their files backed up in real time; the nature of their business is that there is zero tolerance for loss of any data. We routinely provide these clients with a real-time backup system tailored for their business. Other clients may want online backup, but don’t require real-time online data backup. For another business, a remote data storage device may be sufficient. In addition to a solid data backup plan, scheduled maintenance of your computers and your local area network are vital. Q-TEQ’s Performance Protection Plan can fulfill these computer needs. However, sometimes a disaster like a tornado or fire strikes and it becomes impossible to operate from your current location. Q-TEQ’s can sit down with you and map out a true disaster recovery plan to make sure your business can get up and running quickly if man-made or natural disaster forces you out of your current location here in Nebraska. In this case your data backups are vital, but so is the need to quickly secure telecommunications and computers for your staff to continue to service your customers.

Q-TEQ’s professional staff will consult with you before disaster cripples your small Nebraska business. Give us a call today at 402-477-1234.

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